Happy Sunday fun day!

Sunday is a day you can wind down and get things in order for the upcoming week. Here’s something to think about why you collect your thoughts and evaluate somethings. 

Someone quoted “success is all you need, but what is it when you have no one to share it with.” When you become so focused on being the best you can be… Achieved all your goals, get everything you wanted in life, etc… But at the end of the day you did it alone. Is that the way to live your successful life?

I would never want that. Having a family while in the mist of achieving goals and becoming successful could bring you complete joy. 

Take the time and evaluate and see it you would really want to enjoy your success alone. 

Think about it… I am!



Good morning everyone! What’s does communication mean to you? To me communication is key!!! So do you effectively communicate? Or do you just let things be? I was taught to just let things be, but when I got older I learned that just letting things be without talking about don’t solve the problem.

Now, I’m an advocate of it. If you don’t have effect communication in any relationship being family, lovers, or friends you would totally be lost and confused. I’ve learned you can’t just let things go without talking about it because it could lead to arguments. So no matter what the situation is make you communicate to get clarity.


Cleanse time

What time is it? It’s smoothie time!!! JJ Smith has created the 10 day smoothie challenge. On this challenge you will drink any green smoothie for breakfast, lunch, dinner and eat your choice of leafy green salads with a portion on protein. Also, you’ll have to detox a well to get rid of toxin in your body. I’m going to start the challenge 8/1 and see how this goes. Wish me luck!!! For more info click the link JJ Smith

Love XO

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